Privacy Policy aims to provide you with the best sports betting experience with fair and honest bookmaker reviews and premier content in the form of free tips and news on a variety of sporting events. Below we are going to explain your legal rights as a consumer of the different services that we offer.

1.0 Definitions

From here on in you will be referred to as the “User” with “Users” being used to cover the collective term

We will refer to ourselves as “We”, “Our”, or “Us”

When we are speaking about the different services that are available to all our readers, we will refer to us as “Public Area”

2.0 Information Collected from My Betting

Below you can find out how we collect important data and information to serve our website’s users.

The public area of this website has a lot of information that we have set out in such a way to provide our users with a clear look into the world of sports betting in the United Kingdom from the best bookies to sign up with to tips for betting on different sports. When users move about our site, we track their movements so that we can get a good idea as to what parts of our website have more popularity. This information then allows us to create a site that is based around what users find most popular.

If a user is after any personal data, then a request can be made to us. For instance, you can send us an email and give us your name and age (this is information we must have for legal reasons), your mobile number, and your address. Reasons for getting in touch with us could be for some legal reason (explained in 4.4) or because you have a question that you would like an answer for.

We can see all of our users’ I.P addresses. They have cookies (section 3.4) which allow us to see information such as prior visits to our website and other websites that you visit after you have been on our site. The data will include the amount of times you have paid us a visit along with the date and time. We can then use this information if the user ever requires any resistance.

When users willingly submit data, it is known as “authorized services” as the user knows what is occurring and still continues to submit data. The information that we get can be used to improve user experience, ensuring that future visits are better. Information that we save could include gender, date of birth, full name, address, email, and photo identification.

3.0 How My Betting Site Makes Use of Data

Every one of our users will be tracked and logged. The information that we are going to provide below will explain clearly why we do this.

3.1 Operational Services

Should a user of ours get in touch with us by leaving a comment in the comments section or by sending an email, then the data collected from that comment can be used to help improve our site’s operational side.

3.2 Service Improvements

We will use all our stored data to improve and develop our website as this type of information will tell us about the latest trends, allowing us to give our users a better sports betting experience.

3.3 Communications

From an administrative point of view, data can help in the following areas:

3.3.1 To help resolve any infringements, violations, and complaints by users

3.3.2 Exclusive promotions and offers from my betting site or third parties

All our users can opt out of this (for more information, see section 5)

3.4 Tracking Cookie Technology

We make use of automated tracking software and we are now going to take a moment to explain why:

3.4.1 It ensures customised advertising

3.4.2 Third party monitoring and marketing by

3.5 Analytics

We make use of Google analytics to evaluate and measure our website’s traffic, but we have to stress here that we do not have any affiliation with Google. We are independent of them, and they of us. Google can get access to our measured data, but all personal information is safe and will only be handed over if there are technical matters to resolve.

4.0 Disclosure of Information

Disclosing data is done by our users under these circumstances.

4.1 Unrestricted Information

Should users leave us a comment, then it can be viewed by everyone that is making use of our site.

4.2 Service Providers

To help us maintain and host the site, third parties are necessary. They will carry out works that will be protected by a number of confidential privacy clauses.

4.3 Non-Identifiable Information

Below you can find 3 points that explain third party information collection:

4.3.1 Compliance reporting

4.3.2 Advertising/marketing

4.3.3 User habits that show functions, services, and content that is carried out within the public area of the site

4.4 Legal Processes and Compliance

Should a situation occur where legal matters arise, users need to be aware that we comply with all juridical laws for the countries that we give our services to. We always stick to our own rights as well as the rights of our users. Legal matters can include the following:

Liability claims

Fraudulent activities and abuse

Third party claims

Security of

Property protection and contractual enforcement

4.5 Change of Ownership

Should the ownership of change hands, then the information that we have gathered before the new owners take over will be passed over to them. They will then use identical privacy policies to the ones you are reading on this page.

5.0 Your Rights

Our users can see the information that we have on them. In order to look at this information, you can send us a request and we will forward it to you. You can also contact us and ask that your data is changed or removed. If you believe that we have neglected any of your rights, then we recommend that you contact a data protection officer and they can help you formulate a legal case.

5.2. Analytical Information

Google Analytics is a tool that you can turn off in your settings. It is a quick and simple process to do.

5.3 Commercial Suspension

You can unsubscribe to any email communication between us. Please note though that any suspension of communication could take up to 10 days to come into effect. After this time frame, users will not receive emails from us.

6.0 Third Party Services

We have to stress here that we cannot be held accountable for any actions undertaken by third parties. Although we do share restricted information and offer help with upgrading services, users choose to make use of third party services at their own risk. Thus, we recommend that our users carry out some in-depth analysis on third party members before handing over important personal information.

7.0 Privacy Shield

The practices and services that we use comply with the General Data Protection Regulation that the European Union issued and also covers the retainment data and personal information. If users have any problems with General Data Protection Regulation, then it should be taken up with them and not with us.

8.0 Cookie Functions

Importance of cookies – thanks to tracking technology you can move about out site and be provided with a more personal experience

Service performance – Any technical issues that occur can be shown clearly, which can then be used to ensure a smooth service with as few errors or faults as possible

Functional cookies – Mapping out user’s text is something that will help to create a better service

Behavioural cookies – Will give adverts that you are interested in

9.0 Underage Privacy

Everyone associated with this website is against gambling when underage, so we will never communicate with those who cannot gamble legally. We adhere to all gambling laws and will take all the necessary measures to make sure that we do not break any laws. If a reader that is making use of our site is underage, then we stress that you should stop using our services straight away. If you are a parent or guardian and find out that your children have been using our services, please contact us and we will delete their data. However, we will not be able to guarantee that all their data will be deleted.

10.0 Data Security

When it comes to protecting a user’s rights and information, we follow the gambling industry’s rules and laws to the letter. If it is in the form of technical, administrative, or physical data, we ensure that all the required safeguards have been put in place in order to protect all our users from fraudulent activity.

The data will not be destroyed completely until it has been used to improve our services. With us, no data is altered or disclosed. Although we do our best to take all the necessary precautions, we cannot guarantee that there will be no breaches in security. Sometimes, things are out of our control. Therefore, when users give us their information, they do so at their own risk.

If you honestly believe that your safety has been compromised, then you have to contact us as quickly as you can. At the end of the day, we care about our readers, so we will always try to help out where we can.

11.0 Data Retention

As we stated before, any data that we get is not destroyed right away. Any information that we receive is kept for a set amount of time and will be kept for any legal cases that might arise in the future (as we explained in section 4.4).

12.0 Settings and Data Transfer

User settings can actually have an effect on your privacy and end up putting yourself at a bit of risk. Our servers will try to protect you as much as possible, but we would be lying to you if we claimed that they are 100% effective. The same thing can be said for third parties and any technology that they make use of, which is one of the reasons why we can never be held accountable for any problems that occur with them.

13.0 Changes to Polices and Updates

Laws concerning privacy are always changing, so every so often you might realise that we have changed our policies to match the latest requirements. Thus, we suggest that you visit this page regularly so that you can keep up to date will your legal rights.

By taking the time to read our privacy policies and carrying on using our services, you are making a declaration that you agree and have understood all the terms that we have laid out.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this page.