Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars Prediction – 2022 Competition: Who Will Win?

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TournamentNFL 2022
TimetableSunday 30th of October 13:30 GMT
PredictionDenver Broncos to Win!
Odds2.65 (Bet £100 and win £265 if Denver Broncos win)
Denver Broncos to Win!
The best odds
Odds : 2.65
If Denver Broncos win, you will receive £100 x 2.65 = £265
€50+ 50 Free Spins
Odds : 2.70
If Denver Broncos win, you will receive £100 x 2.70 = £270
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Odds : 2.55
If Denver Broncos win, you will receive £100 x 2.55 = £255

The Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars are still competing at the National Football League (NFL) International Series midseason. The latter has essentially become London’s NFL favourites, while the former haven’t played an international game since the 2010 season. Two AFC clubs are competing in this game for their respective division titles and with Halloween just around the corner, we’re dying to know which club will win in Week 8 of the NFL 2022 season at Wembley Stadium.

💯Broncos vs Jaguars Betting Odds

We have highlighted the three most popular betting markets for the upcoming NFL 2022 London Game: Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars and share the odds from the most popular and trusted bookies. We’ll update these as they are released closer to the game, so make sure to bookmark this page and return to it for more information later this month.

⚡ Match Winner

Denver Broncos to Win2.652.70TBA2.802.55
Jacksonville Jaguars to Win1.501.47TBA1.441.42

🔥 Point Spread (4.5)

Denver Broncos (+4.5)1.871.91TBA1.801.83
Jacksonville Jaguars (-4.5)1.951.91TBA1.901.82

🥅 Total Points - 39.5

Over 1.801.85TBA1.77
Under 2.051.98TBA1.901.89

🏠 Denver Broncos Preview

The Denver Broncos are a professional football team based in Denver and are also part of the American Football Conference (AFC). Throughout their 10-year tenure in the AFC and their first seven seasons in the NFL, the Broncos were seldom a competitive team. With only 11 defeats since 1975, the Broncos have become one of the NFL's most successful teams.

🏆 Competition History

The team was founded back in the 1960s, first being part of the AFC and merging with the NFL in 1970. The Broncos home stadium is the Empower Field, where they have played most of their games between 1960-2000. They hold the NFL record for the most Super Bowl defeats and have eight total AFC victories and three Super Bowl championship wins. The Broncos boast eight key players admitted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

  • Pat Bowlen
  • Champ Bailey
  • Gary Zimmerman
  • Floyd Little
  • John Elway
  • Shannon Sharpe
  • Steve Atwater
  • Terrell Davis

The 2022 NFL season for the Denver Broncos will be their 63rd overall, 53rd in the league, second under GM George Paton's guidance, and their first under new head coach Nathaniel Hackett. The Broncos will be aiming to beat their personal score from the 2021 Regular Season Final against Kansas City, which seems all the more hopeful, now that Russel Wilson (formerly of the Seattle Seahawks) is on their team.

DateMatchFinal ScoreWinner
January 8thRegular Season Finale: Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos 7-10Denver Broncos

⭐ Denver Broncos Players to Watch

Aside from the eight Denver Broncos players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there are a few rising stars worth mentioning if you’re watching this year’s game:

Justin Simmons, a safety with the Denver Broncos, is ranked No. 57 in the NFL on the list of the "Top 100 Players of 2022."

Russell Wilson has the best rating of any Broncos player in the forward-facing rankings, coming in at No. 13 overall. He is higher than Tom Brady, Joe Burrow, and Matthew Stafford, all of whom have led his teams to the Super Bowl in the previous two seasons and ranks sixth overall among quarterbacks.

The final Bronco to reach our list of players to watch out for is Pat Surtain II, who came in at No. 65 in the Top 100 Players list. Surtain had the fourth-best ranking among second-year players, and many believe he deserves to be much higher in the ranking.

  • Justin Simmons: The Broncos’ Ball Hawk.
  • Russell Wilson: Most wins by an NFL quarterback.
  • Pat Surtain II: Excels in off coverage, man or zone.

✈️ Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

Also part of the AFC, except its South division, are the Jacksonville Jaguars. The theme competes in the NFL since it first joined in 1995, alongside the Carolina Panthers, and since their induction, they have had two victories, in 1998 and 1999. The Jacksonville Jaguars have made the playoffs six times, the most recent being in 2007. Fun fact - the name “Jaguars” was chosen by a fan contest. Sharks, Stingrays, and even Panthers were contenders for the name, but on December 6, 1991, Jaguars was chosen instead. Despite jaguars not being native to Florida, the Jacksonville Zoo was home to the oldest living Jaguars at the time.

🏆 Competition History

The Jaguars broke their 20-game losing streak in October last year when they played against the Miami Dolphins. In February this year, the Jaguars appointed a new coach, Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles, and we can’t wait to watch his influence on the team.

✔️ Qualification and Road to the Competition 2022

The Jacksonville Jaguars knocked out the Indianapolis Colts from the playoffs when they snapped a 26-11 victory in Week 18.

DateMatchFinal Score
9th January 2022 Regular Season Finale: Colts vs Jaguars11-26

⭐ Jacksonville Jaguars Players to Watch

Without a doubt, the first player worth mentioning is quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The odds are in Trevor Lawrence's favour going into the 2022 season. He has a fantastic mentor in the face of Doug Pederson, who will get the most out of his skill, and an upgraded supporting cast, which might help him have a breakthrough season.

A second player worth your watch is Josh Allen, who has had a few hiccups recently but is healthy and ready for a breakthrough year. After all, he was named to the Pro Bowl in 2019, and this year is shaping up to be a good one for him.

Early in the season, Tyson Campbell played in the slot while dealing with a toe issue, but as he switched to the boundaries, he gradually got better. He developed into a necessary element of the team and led the Jaguars with two interceptions in the end. This was a positive development and evidence that the Jaguars had discovered their starting cornerback.

  • Trevor Lawrence: Excellent throws.
  • Josh Allen: Best player on defence.
  • Tyson Campbell: Top defensive back.

🥇 Who Will Win? Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars Prediction

According to the recent performance and overall history in the last year, we would put our faith that the Denver Broncos will come out winners in this game.

Our match prediction: Denver Broncos to win.

🔍 Our Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars Betting Tips?

Are you wondering how to start your NFL betting? We have highlighted a few tips to help you gain insight and a few tips to get you started.

  • Tip #1 – Get familiar with the team’s history and recent victories or losses. This can show you their tendencies in recent games and help you choose whom to bet on.
  • Tip #2 – Take a look at the odds and compare them for the available markets. If you notice the odds for match betting are better than those for handicap betting, it might be more lucrative to bet on the latter.
  • Tip #3 – Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. While putting is great fun, you need to remember to gamble responsibly and affordably. Set a budget head-on for your bets and stick to it.

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Denver Broncos to Win!

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