What Does BTTS Betting Mean?

BTTS Betting Meaning BTTS Betting Meaning

Whether you are a complete novice to BTTS betting or if you have had some experience with this market, this guide is here to delve into everything concerned with BTTS bets and help you gain insight into this market. So, if you want to know what is BTTS exactly, where to find the best BTTS betting sites, and some helpful tips to elevate your BTTS wagers, then you are in the right place!

Without further ado, we will jump straight into everything you need to know about BTTS betting.

What is BTTS in Betting?

First things first, what is BTTS in betting? The term BTTS is the common abbreviation for ‘Both Teams To Score’. The name is quite straight forward - this is a betting market that is focused on whether you think both teams will be able to net a goal. This is a great betting market if you think the match will be a high scoring game. If you are confident about this, all you need to do is back ‘Yes’ for the BTTS bet. It’s also good to note that only goals scored during normal time plus injury time count and any extra time or penalties won’t be included.

The odds for BTTS wagers will fluctuate depending on the teams that are playing, so having some knowledge of the teams’ history will be a big benefit. Additionally, straight BTTS bets aren’t the only type of betting in this market. Later in this guide we cover all the common combinations to get the most out of BTTS betting.

If you want a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages, then cast your eyes to the sections below:

Pros of BTTS Betting

Simple Market: One reason why people love placing BTTS bets is for its simplicity. There is only one question you need to answer which is ‘Do you think both teams will score?’. For this reason, BTTS betting is great to get your head around and bring something different to your betting entertainment over choosing the typical ‘match winner’ market.

Easy to Research: Following on from the previous point, it can be easy to find statistics of the teams’ previous matches to give you a good indication of their scoring potential. For example, if

you see that Manchester City is playing, you can easily check their past matches to see on average how many goals they score in a match to help with your predictions.

Neutral Betting: Many markets like ‘match winner’ often result in punters betting for their favourite team. BTTS betting, on the other hand, allows you to place wagers while staying neutral or if you don’t care about which team takes the win. The overall result of the match doesn’t make a difference to BTTS better, rather, the only important factor is whether both teams have scored or not.

Cons of BTTS Betting

Limited Sports Available: While BTTS betting is mostly seen in football, there are other sports that it’s possible to make this wager for. However, this list is fairly short. Another popular sport the BTTS market is available for is hockey and in some cases Rugby.

Fluctuating Odds: You will find that there can be great fluctuations when it comes to ‘Both Teams To Score’ betting. While this can work in your favour with a large potential return, it can at times not be worth the bet. This is where different strategies can come into play, which aims to make all BTTS bets as profitable as possible. Check out our tips section to find out more.

Analysis: Although it can be easy to quickly find statistics on past games, more analysis is needed when it comes down to the players on a team. Are all the best attackers playing? Is the teams’ form strong? Is the first-choice goalkeeper missing? Questions like this must be considered before placing a BTTS bet, and it pays to keep your nose to the ground regarding the team news.

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What Are the Best BTTS Betting Sites?

It’s not a surprise that there are oodles of betting sites to choose from nowadays. But how can you decide if one has hit their shot on target or missed the goal completely? Well, you have a couple of choices. Either you can spend your precious time trawling through each and every sportsbook out there and decide for yourself.

Alternatively, you can check out our top recommendations for BTTS betting found below. As you can imagine, we review many sportsbooks so know a thing or two about what sets a betting site out from the crowd. These Football Betting Sites will certainly help you get to what you want quicker - placing wagers and enjoying the footy or your other favourite sport!


LeoVegas has been in the iGaming scene for a decade and continue to bring quality to the sports betting industry. Known for their award-winning app, LeoVegas have the awards to back up their mobile platform allowing customers to make pre or in-play bets on all the 36 well-loved sports around the world.

LeoVegas offer a strong sports betting package that starts as soon as you sign up to the platform for the first time. New players can get a 100% match up on their first deposit up to a total of £100. Perfect to kick-start your entertainment. This offer can be claimed after placing a £10 maximum stake within seven days of making the first deposit.

Full Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for this Welcome Bonus offer can be found on the LeoVegas website.

Betfred Sports

This bookmaker is almost at their half-century anniversary! With this amount of experience to their name, it’s no surprise that they keep relevant within the UK sports betting industry. It’s clear to see their regular improvements to give the best experience to their users. Their sportsbook is extensive, to say the least. There are more than 25 sports to choose from with thousands of events available every week to punters, so whatever sport you enjoy, you’ll most likely find it at Betfred.

Betfred are welcoming new customers to their platform with a nice £60 bonus after a stake of £10 or more with 2.0 odds or greater. The code BETFRED60 should be used to kick off the Welcome Bonus process. However, to get all the important details, you can find them on Betfred’s website.

888 Sport

888sport is a all-round great betting site with an abundance of betting markets, fantastic bonuses, betting features available. Whether you like the option to build your bets, cash your wagers out early, or even catch your favourite game live, it’s all possible on this platform.

When you join 888sport for the first time, a nice 100% match up bonus is heading your way. The total bonus you can get from the offer is £100 after a minimum deposit of £10. The full deposit amount must be wagered at least twice on odds greater than 1.50. Again, if you want to find out more details about this offer, head over to the official site to read their T&Cs.

Casumo Sport

This bookie has risen in the UK ranks and is now regarded as one of the best. So, what exactly are Casumo Sport doing to garner this amount of buzz? Plainly put, this is a sports betting site for everyone. Whether you are completely new to betting or you have some experience under your belt, Casumo Sport certainly has a seamless and easy to navigate interface. With 33 sports on offer and betting markets for sports tournaments around the world, they put themselves at the higher end of UK bookies.

A warm welcome to the Casumo platform is ready for new punters. They are offering a 100% match up to a total of £25 as well as 20 Free Spins for the casino side of their website, where you can also find the full bonus terms.

Spreadex Sports

It’s clear to see that Spreadex Sports is not often able to be compared to other betting sites in the UK, and for good reason. They are one of only a few platforms that specialises in spread bets, rather than offering solely fixed odds betting. Spreadex Sports have many fantastic resources on their website for those not familiar with spread betting and make the jump into this type of betting seamless.

Spreadex Sports have a very interesting offer for new punters joining their site. As a start, they are offering up to £25 in Free Bets. However, this is not all. Punters can get an additional two Free Spread Bets for the ‘Total Goals’ market worth £5 each. To qualify for this offer, a bet must be placed on a market with odds of 1.5 or more. Please head over to the Spreadex Sports site to read the T&Cs in full, especially if you are not familiar with spread betting.

How To Bet on BTTS?

Now we have covered what exactly is BTTS betting and the top sites to offer this market, how exactly do you place a BTTS wager? This section covers the steps needed to place your first ‘Both

Teams To Score’ bet. If you would like to find out more information about how to place a bet, feel free to click to link to read our guide dedicated on this topic.

Step by Step BTTS Guide

After you have decided to place a BTTS wager and identified a football match where you think it’s likely that both teams will score, follow these steps.

Step 1: Choose which sports betting site you want to place your wager on. If you are unsure, check out our section in this guide highlighting our top choices for BTTS betting. Bookies will often offer generous Welcome Bonuses to new customers who join their site, so it is worth finding one that suits you.

Step 2: Log into your sports betting account and find the match you want to bet on. Most betting sites will highlight the ‘match winner’ market, however, it’s often possible to find the full range of markets available through a clearly labelled link on the match in question.

Step 3: For the ‘Both Teams To Score’ market you will see the option for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as well as their odds. Simply put, if you think both teams will in fact score, select ‘Yes’. If you don’t think both teams will be able to net a goal, select ‘No’.

Step 4: Device how much you would like to stake on your decision. If you have checked all the information is correct, click ‘Place Bet’ to finalise your choice.

Variations of BTTS Betting Markets

BTTS in betting has many interesting variations that have the chance to increase your odds. Take a look below at some of the most common variations of the BTTS market:

BTTS and Win

This market is great if you a hoping to back a winner for the match. While the BTTS portion of the market covers of course both teams scoring at least once, the common ‘Win’ market allows you to back your favourite team. This is a perfect market if you think it will be a high-scoring match while still allowing you to predict who you think will take the win.

BTTS in Both Halves

This raises the stakes from only selecting a ‘Both Teams To Score’ in the first half or second half only. For this market, the score would have to at least be 1-1 before half-time, and at least 2-2 by full-time. While many high scoring matches often have a final score similar to this, it’s important to remember not all goals are evenly spread throughout the match. More often than not, you will find many goals are scored only in the first or second half, rather than evenly spread between both.

BTTS and Over/Under

The ‘Over/Under’ market is very popular in football betting. So, how does it combine with the BTTS market? This is a good way to boost odds, especially when you think there will be a high-scoring match. Of course while still predicting that both teams will score, you can place a wager on how many total goals, whether that is over 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, or even more goals, you think there will be.

BTTS No Draw

For the Both Teams To Score No Draw market, this is again fairly explanatory. To be successful, both teams will need to score but requires the final score to not be a draw.

Accumulator BTTS Betting on Football

One way to increase your opportunity for enhanced winnings is to combine BTTS betting with accumulator (ACCA) betting. As a quick recap, an accumulator bet is made up of multiple selections (typically up to five) that combine into one bet. All the selections for an accumulator bet must be successful to win.

The most common market for accumulator bets is predicting the ‘match winner’, however, it is completely possible to choose a different betting market. In regard to BTTS football betting, you will need to find multiple football matches (again, the typical number of matches is anywhere from three to five) where you think both teams will score during the 90 minutes of play. It doesn’t matter exactly how many goals are scored or even the final outcome, just that both teams will score at least one goal.

If you can find multiple matches where you are confident there is a strong chance for this happening, consider placing an accumulator bet. If all matches go your way, your potential payout will be vastly higher than placing singular BTTS bets. However, it’s good to remember that it only takes one team not scoring a goal to cause your accumulator bet to fail.

For this reason, many punters prefer to get Acca Insurance Betting to give them peace of mind. Acca insurance gives you the opportunity to get a part of your original stake returned if one result doesn’t go your way.

How to Bet BTTS and Win

Like with all betting, there are no exact ways to win every time. There are, however, some BTTS betting tips to keep in mind to help boost your chances of success.

  1. Look for teams that have a strong attack and a fairly weak defence. This is the optimum form for a team to both score and concede goals which is perfect for BTTS betting.
  2. Choose your odds with care. While some BTTS odds have the potential for good returns on your stake, there isn’t much point in placing a BTTS wager if the odds are bad.
  3. Find trustworthy tipster sites online where you can read expert opinions and predictions for upcoming games. Although any final bets placed should completely be your decision, it can be helpful to read others’ opinions who might have a greater knowledge than you.
  4. Look for Double Chance markets. So, what exactly does double chance mean in betting? This essentially gives punters a greater chance of winning from just one event and can be very lucrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which odds are good for BTTS?

While you ultimately have the power to decide what are ‘good’ odds for you, we recommend odds that will at least give a good return for your original stake. In our opinion, it’s not always worth the hassle to place a BTTS bet if the odds are very low.

How do I choose a BTTS bet?

To decide whether or not to place a BTTS bet comes down to whether you think both teams will be able to score in the full 90 minutes. Conduct research into both teams considering factors such as their average goals scored and whether the teams have a strong attack and weak defence.

How do you win a lay BTTS bet?

The BTTS market consists of two options: ‘Yes’ if you think both teams will score and ‘No’ for the opposite. A lay BTTS bet is essentially backing for both teams not to score. So, if you want to win a lay BTTS bet, identify games where you think a team will not score.