Meet Lewis Brown - Managing Editor

About Lewis Brown

Lewis has long had a passion for sport, betting, and writing, so the role of Managing Editor at seemed a perfect fit for him.

I played football till the age of six or seven, but from then on, I was hooked on rugby. I played club- and school-level rugby till around the age of 16. In fact, one of my all-time favourite memories was from when I was 14 and Worcester [RFC] went on tour to Ireland. I played one of my best games of rugby on that tour, and we managed to squeeze out a draw against the prestigious Blackrock College.

It isn't just his passion for sport, however, that makes Lewis successful in his role. With extensive experience in marketing from working around the globe, he has developed a unique insight into what it is that makes readers tick.

I haven't always been in I-gaming, but I have worked in marketing for over a decade now. I started off writing content in the Executive Search and Recruitment industry, which I loved for the freedom to research emerging business ideas and ghost-write responses that challenged the status quo. Being able to write for different audiences around the globe also helped me to learn what really engages a reader, and I love sharing this experience with my team and helping them to grow as sports and casino writers.

You can follow Lewis Brown on his Linkedin.