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Daniel chapman Daniel chapman

Daniel Chapman is a highly motivated individual who finds it easy to think creatively to finish any task at hand. With over 17 years of experience in sports consultancy, he has a very strong work ethic, puts in the time necessary to complete a task, and always prefers a tough job over an easy one. Dan, as we like to call him, has now been with us for 6 years. He is currently one of our Senior Editors in driving forward our content on the best betting bookmakers in the UK.

Dan was born in Wales on the 15th of July 1969 to a father of Swedish origin and a mother native to the UK. He is the first child in a home of four boys. His mother Claire Taylor was a bookkeeper at a local financial institution managed by his father Andrew Chapman. Growing up, Dan was registered at a government primary school where he spent four years before moving to Plymouth to live with some relatives. He went through secondary education, got his high school diploma, and applied for admission to further his studies.

For his undergraduate studies, Dan went to the University of Plymouth. He studied English and Drama, achieving a lower-second-class degree. During his stay at the University, Dan joined the journalism club and worked on posts and columns for the university’s monthly newspaper. He was often sent to inter-university events to gather news and make reports on the campus radio station. He quickly discovered his passion for sports reporting after covering a baseball semi-final opposing two university institutes at the time. After his degree, Dan followed a one-year professional course on reporting and content creation while working on several small projects. Through his reporting and paperwork, he was noticed by the editor-in-chief of a rising journal in Devon. By the time he completed the course, he has secured six months of paid professional internship.

He began his career by researching subjects for talk shows and suggesting guidelines on how to present each of them. Dan also worked on news reporting for a media company. On some occasions, he was allowed to assist in such shows and even present radio programs. As a new fellow in the business, his manager often praised him for his keen eye for detail, his talent for placing the right words, and his extreme creativity. Three years passed, leading Dan to a new role as editor in a news company located in Wales. He then reunited with his roots as he moved back to assume the position.

He covered a wide variety of topics ranging from fashion, luxury vacations, food and drinks, best tourist attractions, and sports reviews. At the time, his polyvalent nature was a pull factor that saw him work on almost anything possible. In no time, he rose to the post of sports reporter and writer and came up with very interesting papers on local and regional sporting events. Through frequent encounters with the best teams, Dan recalled how much he enjoyed the thrill of sports and quit his job for a more specialized one in a digital marketing and media company. Initially, he worked more on cricket, but later got more projects on football, chess, and even snooker. In the company, he was named sports reporter of the year two years after his arrival and got promoted to the position of executive sports editor. His first task in this role was to oversee reports on the finals game for the 2001 League Cup at the Millenium Stadium which brought tremendous coverage to the company after Liverpool’s victory over Birmingham. Dan then began thinking of ways to get exclusive deals with sports clubs in different disciplines to increase the notoriety of the company as a sports outlet. His hard work paid off and he signed a deal to accompany a top cricket team in Wales for an entire season.

In 2005, Dan decided to embark on a new chapter of his life by becoming a sports consultant. His debuts were rocky, but he quickly had his skills talk for him, and he was recruited by a sports consultancy firm in Southampton. He was in major meetings with top sports clubs, players, and teams to grab some exclusivity for major events. Side-by-side, Dan often got invites to join reporting team at games and present sports analysis on Friday evening shows. In 2008, after the incorporation of a dedicated sports news team, Dan became the director of the weekend news services. He excelled in the position till 2010 when he moved on to work for a bigger firm as sports director. At the head of the sports department, Dan got in contact with a wide variety of sports leagues, investors, and promoters to take the company to the start of its glory days. After five years of service, Dan took a year off for personal reasons.

About six years ago, Dan returned to pursue his career by joining our editorial team. He has since reviewed countless online sports betting brands, giving our audience the best options for betting. In his function as Senior Editor, he oversees all content that appears in our sports publication section. Dan carries out reviews and analyses of various trends in the sports industry and ensures that deep research on each subject is provided. Aside from this, Dan has helped numerous newbies to get a good hold of what professional content writing is about while continuously sharing with them the best practices. He equally writes and edits posts while assigning specific members of his team to cover each sports event. The weekly scheduling of our sports articles and the drafting of main headlines is also one of the numerous roles played by Dan. He also collaborates with our marketing department to put up efficient strategies for promoting betting platforms while minimizing associated costs.

In our company, he is very much appreciated for his boldness which always pushes him to take up assignments that many would consider too tedious to accomplish. Out of work, Dan is a jovial person who enjoys the tinniest pleasures brought by good time spent with friends and family. He is a great fan of football but has better player skills in cricket.

You can find out more about him on his Linkedin profile.