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Annsley payne Annsley payne

Annsley Payne is part of our team and as such, she is one of the most experienced sports content writers. We, at MBS, care about quality, and that is why we only have experts on our team who can provide you with the best possible sports predictions and tips. She has a high percentage of correct sports forecasts, and when it comes to betting tips, you can judge for yourself whether they are good.

Annsley Payne was born into a family of athletes on July 26th, 1986, in London. She is the first-born child of Rebecca and Steven Payne. Her mother is a tennis player, and her father is part of a rugby team. Annsley has a sister who is 9 years younger, named Sarah, with whom she is extremely close. Annsley grew up in the capital but often visited Manchester where her grandparents live. Her grandfather is the reason she got into football as he took her to matches from a young age and his granddaughter became a die-hard Manchester United fan.

Although the two Payne children grew up together, Sarah did not become as close to her grandparents as Annsley. But she also does not betray her sporting family tree and is a track-and-field competitor. Sometimes Annsley also attended matches of teams from London such as Chelsea and Arsenal with her sister and their father, but none of them managed to ignite her so much and she remained loyal to the team from Manchester.

As you might have expected, as her parents were athletes, Annsley is no exception, and she has been keen on sports since she was young. Her parents enrolled her in swimming when she was almost a toddler because they followed the maxim that every person should master this skill. Later, under pressure from her mother, Annsley begins to train in tennis, although her desire was to become a professional soccer player. You may have already assumed that she graduated from a sports school - Greenwich Sports Academy, where she took part in tennis competitions. But in addition to tennis and swimming, Annsley also found time to play amateur soccer in the neighbourhood where she grew up.

However, due to a leg injury, Annsley was forced to give up her professional path in tennis. But her passion for sports did not go away, and she was looking for other ways to stay a part of this world. So, she started working as a volunteer, thanks to which she gained experience as a tennis coach for young children.

Although she never went to soccer practice, it is Annsley's favourite sport and that is why she really wanted to work on something related to it. Even before she finished school, she started writing entertaining football-themed articles for a small local newspaper. At this point, with her tennis career doomed and graduation just months away, Annsley was faced with a fateful decision - whether to once again let her mother dictate which college to apply to and what major she should choose or this time, listen to her heart.

Meanwhile, the publishers saw that Annsley had a talent for writing as well as a solid knowledge of football. As a result, they entrust her with a weekly football column and a sports email newsletter. This unexpected promotion for Annsley gave the answer to her question, and she began to look for specialties that could unite her obvious passion for football and her until recently hidden writing talent. She ruled out journalism as an option due to her desire to have a stable family and spend as much time with them as possible. Thus, she was left with one option - marketing.

So, after leaving school, Annsley continued her education at one of the UK's largest institutions of higher education, which is part of the prestigious Russell Group of Universities - the University of Leeds. According to the Financial Times, QS, and The Economist, Leeds Business School frequently ranks among the top 10 business schools. There she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing.

In the meantime, she continued to write for the local newspaper and already had a built-in readership for her football column and a high open rate on her newsletters. This paved her way to the world of sports digital media, which grew in popularity just like Annsley's publications.

Over the next nine years, she gained solid experience in sports digital media, the way it works as well as how to develop different types of publications for a variety of sports. She has been part of the teams of some of the biggest companies in the sector and because of her competence and experience, she is an extremely desirable employee.

She joined our team 4 years ago and has immensely contributed to the research, analysis, and propositions for best betting tips and practices. Annsley writes some of the most accurate football predictions you can find on the internet. Thanks to her high level of football competence, she is capable not only to make near-infallible predictions but also take advantage of this by placing reasonable bets on some of the best UK betting sites. As an avid fan of Manchester United football club, she also enjoys betting on this particular team during her spare time despite their recent mishaps.

Today, Annsley embodies the unattainable bar in sports digital media and marketing. Happily married and a mother of two, she strives to pass on her passion for sports to her heirs but leaving them to choose what to train for themselves. Already a semi-major with a master's degree in sports marketing, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. related to her favourite soccer team.