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Mybettingsite.uk was founded with the main aim of being a complete and honest resource for British sports fans who love to bet on their favourite sports. On this site, you will be able to find valuable information about the best betting sites for the UK punter as well as some great betting tips. You can rest assured that we will not recommend any betting site that we would not feel comfortable signing up to ourselves. Our team of experts work hard to ensure that our site delivers all the useful betting information that you are looking for, so let’s meet the team.



Solenn was born in France into a sports loving family and grew up surrounded by passionate football and rugby fans. Whenever there was a major football or rugby match on, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins would all go round to their house to watch the game. It was absolutely chaotic on match day, but she loved it because it brought their family closer together. For the last ten years she has been making her living analysing sports betting sites. What she does not know about sports betting sites is not worth knowing. If she says that a sports betting site is good, then you know that it is definitely worth having a look at.

Daniel Chapman


Daniel Chapman ProfileDaniel Chapman Profile
Daniel was born in the South of England, but he is a Leeds United supporter through and through. Don’t ask us why, maybe he just likes to torture himself. He loves to place bets on football and finds himself winning quite often – he once won £6,000 on a football accumulator, which is not too bad if you ask us. His love for sports betting has provided him with expert knowledge about sports betting sites, so he knows a great site when he sees one. As well as football, he is also partial to sports such as horse racing and tennis. He tried to get into cricket once, but it just wasn’t for him.

Sheldon Taylor


Sheldon is the writer of most of the content that you will find on this site. He is an avid sports fan and particularly enjoys watching and betting on football, cricket, and rugby. However, he is an Aston Villa supporter, so he has had a tough time over the last decade or so. He hopes that one day they will return to their former glory, but thankfully for all of us, he is not going to hold his breath. He loves nothing more than sharing the sports betting knowledge that he has gathered over the years with our readers. One of the best things about Sheldon is that he does not sugarcoat any of his opinions – he simply just says it how he sees it. In today’s day and age, this is something that is really refreshing.



A website dedicated to betting on sports would not be complete if there was no expert tipster. I am sure that we can all agree about that. This is where Andrew comes into play. He is a staunch AC Milan fan with a partiality to Aston Villa, and he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all of Europe’s top football leagues. He also regularly follows other sports such as tennis, cricket, rugby, boxing, Formula 1, and MotoGP. In other words, he is a bit of a sports encyclopedia. He will regularly provide tips that you would be wise to pay close attention to.

Annsley Payne


Annsley is one of the most experienced sports content writers. We care about quality, and that is why we only have experts on our team who can provide you with the best possible sports predictions and tips. She has a high percentage of correct sports forecasts, and when it comes to betting tips, you can judge for yourself whether they hit the spot. She joined our team years ago and has immensely contributed to the research, analysis, and propositions for best betting tips and practices.